Everybody loves sparkly new jewelry, especially when it not only looks beautiful but also allows wearers to feel empowered and strong. Tranquillity, a new breed of jewelry has been created as a way to give people the tools and mindset to deal with the sometimes crippling stresses of daily life.

Photo credit: Tranquillity

Having personally experienced extreme levels of anxiety, founder Dan Kaminski drew on his background in psychology, and passion for mindfulness, to create an exciting new brand of spinning rings, perfect for days when the January blues creep in. Seamlessly coupling mindfulness with contemporary style, Tranquillity’s beautiful sterling silver rings subtly allow the wearer to diffuse daily anxieties with their discrete movable features. Striking yet soothing, each ring is designed to bring the wearer back to the present moment wherever they are and create a sense of calm.  

photo credit: Tranquillity

Tranquillity also offers a further 6 jewellery collections, including a men’s range. These include the beautiful ‘Balance Collection’ which is centred around cultivating stillness, self love and restoration. The beautiful green malachite stone, which features in this collection, has been used since Egyptian times to protect and is believed to clean toxins both emotionally and physically of the person wearing it.




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