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As the summer approaches, most of us are thinking about our next trip away. Scrolling through social media, there’s one place that arguably takes all the glory. For the last few years, Santorini has been climbing to the top of many girls’ travel bucket list, partly due to it’s popularity with bloggers, wedding photographers and (obviously) the Kardashians.

With its white washed architecture, azure waters and pops of fuschia florals, it’s become a tourist favourite and honeymoon hotspot.

With magical cliffside sunsets and labyrinths of alleys, it’s easy to see why the island is so popular and luckily, many travel agents offer purse friendly deals for last minute travelers. Say it with us, Opa!

Otherwise, it can cost a pretty penny, but the travel itself will not break the purse strings unless you go during peak times when prices tend to soar. The shopping however, will test your budget. Surrounded by all that glitters in little luxury boutiques and sampling the local cuisine and gelato will require some saving, but it’ll be worth it when you can enjoy yourself without having to hide from your next credit card statement.

Many say that Santorini is really at its best when being approached by water. As your boat manoeuvres over the hopelessly crystal clear blue sea of the caldera, the lava cliffs of the caldera lip, encrusted in varicoloured rock, appear above your head. With dreamy white villas and stony textures, you’ll have filled your camera roll several times over before you even check in to your hotel.

It’s one of the wonders of the Mediterranean, as the magic of looking out over the caldera seas from above has not gone unnoticed by the assorted travelers of honeymooners, cruise-ship patrons and island hoppers.

There are many attractions and things to see and do in Santorini. For example; sample the curiosity of this volcanic isle – the odd black-sand coves of the east coastline or the crooked steps down to the modest ports below Oía and Firá. Otherwise, just stand and gape at the mesmerizing landscape over the caldera – although as with accommodation, you’ll pay a superfluous price for the opportunity when drinking or dining.

On that note, don’t miss out on the opportunity to sample gourmet Greek food, and if you enjoy a glass of chilled white, Santorini’s treasured wine offering. It is favoured for its almost Italian taste, and you’ll struggle to resist the urge for more than one glass.

Of the island beaches, more or less all featuring black volcanic sand (and in September, luminous, aromatic white thalassókrini or sand lilies), Kamári is the most maintained. However, guests shouldn’t come to Santorini first and foremost for the beaches – they should come for the historic ruins, volcano, boat tours, incredible views, wine, hikes, nightlife, and great food.

Along with providing eternal inspiration for photography, incredible shopping and a romantic landscape that would melt even the most cynical of us, it also has it’s fair share of history.

Here’s a quick history lesson behind the picturesque Greek island. The islet was ultimately resettled as historic Thera, but the population had to compete with new eruptions, which fashioned two islets in the caldera beginning in 46 AD, and recurring tremors- a 1956 one levelled most of the two major areas, Firá and Oía.

If you’ve already started hunting for your passport, you can find budget friendly flights over on Easyjet. Don’t forget to send us a postcard!


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