Love it or hate it Valentine’s day is approaching. The shops are full of reds and pinks in every product you can think of. I will never understand how men can forget Valentine’s day it is literally in your face everywhere you turn. They must walk around with their eyes closed that’s the only explanation I have on the matter. Come on fellas step it up!

There are so many mixed feelings on Valentine’s Day. Some absolutely hate it and that’s completely fine. Why do we need to be told that on this date every year we must buy lots of red and pink fluffy things for our significant other? It can be great but it can also be a bit rubbish, especially if it gets forgotten (ahem, fellas please read above). If this happens just think life is short. Who really cares if he has forgotten? You know how much you love each other so move on, enjoy it and remind him in advance for next year.

A lot of people feel that you should celebrate love all year around and I could not agree more. I heard someone say recently that their partner buys them flowers every single week and I am so here for this (can you tell I’m single). I can hear all those in long term relationships exhaling sharply at that idea. Hey, I’m still in a dream world please don’t burst my bubble, please let me believe that love actually exists all year round?! I will find a man that brings me flowers every week and I’ll write an article all about it. He will laugh at my fabulous writing skills and be beaming with pride. Ok, I’ve gone off track a little must be these Valentine’s vibes.

Anyway, whatever plans you have for the day of love I’ve got you covered. Romantic dinner? Check. Drinks in your local? Check. Pizza and a movie? Check. Outdoor activity? Check. (Please note future husband if you are reading this, if you plan something outdoors at this time of year, just know I won’t be joining you brrrr).

A Valentine’s outfit doesn’t have to be red or pink (unless that’s your thing then you work it girl). Some people try to avoid these colours and go straight for that fail-safe black dress, which is also fine but let’s try and mix it up this V day. Plus, if you are buying something new you want to make sure you can wear it again. Did you read my sustainable style article? Let’s stay clear of once only outfits please the environment and your bank balance will thank you greatly.

Please don’t lose your usual style in your Valentine’s outfit. You really don’t want to spend the evening pulling at your outfit and feeling super uncomfortable. We all know how this can leave us feeling rubbish and wanting to just go home.

Don’t think you have to buy a brand new outfit just because it’s Valentine’s Day. I am sure you have a ton of items in your wardrobe that you can build a great outfit from. Either way, if it’s a new outfit or not always remember who you are and what your style is and you will look and feel a million bucks.

Check out my Valentine’s outfit inspo below and get creating that perfect look you absolutely love, and however you’re planning on spending Valentine’s Day even if you are ignoring it, I hope you have the best day plus it will be almost Friday and if that’s not something to celebrate I don’t know what is.

Nikki J Styling & Retail Design


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