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British health and beauty brand WooWoo are on a mission to help liven up the nation’s sex lives with a new range of sexual health and pleasure enhancing products.  

In a move that will see the brand extend their product offering to straddle both the feminine care and sexual health categories, the new product line-up includes an arousal boosting lube, a hemp and CBD based orgasm oil, and pleasure enhancing condoms to complement their current range of cleansers, soothers and pampering products.  

As with all existing WooWoo products, the new collection is derived from natural ingredients, paraben free, and will also feature the same stand out bold and bright packaging made from sugar cane.  

Launched 12 months ago, the female designed British health and beauty brand aims to help women value their vaginas and feel more sexually self-confident. Extensive research by the brand earlier this year revealed that three quarters (75%) of sexually active British women are dissatisfied with their sex life, with four out of five (81%) women also admitting to having unprotected sex at some point in their lives.   

With the latest figures from Public Health England revealing a shocking rise in sexually transmitted infections, particularly in young adults, WooWoo is launching the range of products in a bid to stem the spread of STI’s and put sexual pleasure forefront and centre for women.  

WooWoo company founder and CEO Lucy Anderson comments on the range: “Our aim from inception has been to make women’s sex lives better. Our own research into sexual health and attitudes towards female pleasure reveal women’s sexuality and sexual activity is still a taboo topic. These outdated attitudes are not only impacting our sexual pleasure but also mean young women are putting themselves at risk.”  

We’ve led the debate around sexual health and well-being issues with our Worship Your WooWoo Campaign, now we’re taking action. We hope our new range of sexual health and pleasure enhancing products will help women feel more confident to say yes to fun, but safe sex.”   

The new WooWoo product line includes:  

Protect it! – WooWoo Ribs & Dots Condoms |12 pack – RRP £9.99 

Natural rubber latex ribbed, and dotted condoms designed to mutually maximize pleasure during sex.  

Protect it! – WooWoo Real Feel Condoms | 12 pack – RRP £9.99  

Extra thin natural rubber condoms for an intimate and sensual experience.  

Protect it! – WooWoo Ribbed Condoms | 12 pack – RRP £9.99 

 Natural rubber latex ribbed condoms designed to increase sensation and pleasure during wear.  

Protect it! – WooWoo Party Pack Condoms | 3 pack – RRP £3.75  

Mini pack of 1 x Real Feel Latex Condom 1 x Ribbed Latex Condom 1 x Ribs & Dots Latex Condom  

Slide it! | Arousal boosting lube – RRP £9.99  

A slick, moisturising lubricant designed to help keep things moving and stimulate senses. Featuring natural and soothing moisturisers such as macadamia oil, and aloe vera, and Japanese honeysuckle and geranium oil to aid relaxation and reduce irritation and inflammation. This beautifully scented waterbased lube is safe to use with condoms and sure to put a spring in your sex life.   

WooWoo Bliss Oil | Natural orgasm enhancing oil – RRP £9.99

An exotically and beautifully fragranced oil perfect for use alone, or better still with friends. Featuring moisturising Aloe Vera, relaxing geranium, and hemp and CBD oil to heighten and stimulate sexual pleasure.  


Refresh it! | Cranberry & Aloe Vera Wipes 12 pack – RRP £2.25 

A smaller 12 wipe handbag or festival ready pack of our refreshing intimate wipes. The wipes are lightly scented with cranberry extract, which is widely recognised for its healing properties in helping prevent UTI’s. These 100% biodegradable and plastic free wipes are ideal for a quick wipe down after sex.  


Cranberry cleanse | Cranberry & Aloe Vera pH balanced wash for all over and intimate use – RRP £3.75  

A gentle cranberry & Aloe Vera pH balanced wash for all over and intimate use. Featuring cranberry extract which is widely recognised for its healing properties in helping prevent UTI’s, and soothing Aloe Vera to cleanse intimate skin and maintain your natural pH balance.  

The seven new products are available exclusively at Superdrug stores nationwide now, before wider distribution via woowoo.funfeelunique and the Amazon beauty store from September.  

To find out more about the WooWoo product range visit Instagram| Facebook | Twitter @woowoofun 

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