This collection is inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood and its main characters: dazzling luxurious charming beauties with a style honed to perfection. But this is always an external picture of the world – on red carpets, women are beautiful and unattainable. This is reflected in the first part of the collection. The silhouettes are black and white, always incomparable for any kind of appearance. Black serves as a reliable defence, armour – chic and very Parisian.

The second part of the collection is very romantic and full of colour, like the soul of a woman who dreams of love, tenderness and simple happiness. Pink is used to express this identity. It is also inspired by the stunning outfits of Hollywood actresses, mostly by one of the most beautiful women in the world – Audrey Hepburn and her unforgettable roles in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, ‘Sabrina’ and ‘Funny Face’.
This collection seems to be a desire to see the perfect Hollywood in a search for the new Audrey. Hollywood is a world in which there are many contrasts as well as many rules, but also freedom, dreams and fabulous beauty. Where a woman with strong character and personality, self-sufficiency, self-confidence – remains both romantic and dreamy.

Of course, this is a collection for red carpets. However, the designer would like every woman to have a chance to experience this world of glamour and game. And in order to feel like the main character one does not necessarily have to be an actress. You can play at this dream life, by wearing a beautiful dress. Therefore, many dresses resemble flowers and seem to be made from petals.

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Author: Crystal Deroche “Ifedolapo Onikoyi”

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