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Taking care of your car shows that you are a responsible car owner and you take responsibility for your actions. Drivers who just appreciate having modern vehicles with efficient performance often tend to ignore regularly checking the vehicle for any maintenance. This later can result in long run unexpected car break down and reduced vehicle efficiency.

Hence, in order to avoid any extra cost on vehicle maintenance you need to be very careful and vigilant when it comes to regularly inspecting your car. Following are some handy points to keep in mind when you plan on inspecting your vehicle even once in a while.

Ensure adequate oil check

It is always advisable to check the engine oil. As our heart pumps blood to other organs in our body, so does the oil present in the vehicle that is used to lubricate most important parts of the vehicle like the engine itself.  You can use a dipstick to check the oil level present in the engine or if you have a latest vehicle it will already have electronic oil monitors. It is also advisable to use good quality oil so it helps improve the vehicle performance in the long run.

Have an updated MOT 

Moving on, having an updated MOT certificate is a very important check that automatically covers all major vehicle maintenance checks. MOT is a mandatory vehicle check that is regulated by the UK government and every car owner should have an up to date MOT certificate otherwise hefty amounts of fine can be imposed on the driver , in case the driver is driving without MOT certificate. MOT test is liable to every vehicle that crosses three years of age from the date of purchase and it is mandatory for every driver to take it to the proper MOT testing centre. Furthermore, to avoid hefty fines , you can always consult Iverson Tyres; they provide professional MOT service in London and also nearby areas. MOT is for your own safety and will keep you safe on the road in the long run too.

Have a look at electrics

The vehicle has many electric systems in it from headlights to indicator lights and fog light.  If you carefully inspect these electrics for any damage or fault it will save your time and extra budget spent on fixing it. In case you are driving at night and are on a long journey and one of your electric fails it can cause you great trouble leaving you stranded on the road. At that time it will be almost impossible to call for help or mechanic, hence in order to keep yourself safe during a journey you should always properly check your vehicle electrics.


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