FOPE is an unmistakable jewellery brand that is well known for its innovative gold designs. Their stunning pieces stand out with a distinctive Italian style and unique look. Luxury jewellers, Laings, have a beautiful selection of FOPE pieces that you’re bound to adore. They’re proud to showcase the Italian jewellery that genuinely has a story to tell.


The sixth-generation of the Laing family runs Laings, and similarly, FOPE is also a family business. In 1929 Umberto Cazzola opened a goldsmith’s workshop in the Italian city of Vicenza and they can still be found in the same sun-soaked streets today. To begin with Cazzola specialised in making gold straps for Swiss watch brands. He then moved on to producing gold chains before using his expertise to create jewellery.

Vicenza is one of the three historic centres of jewellery making in Italy and crafting gold is a deep-rooted tradition in this part of the world. The city holds an international reputation for its expert goldsmiths. Laings only stock brands of the highest quality, FOPE is therefore recognised in the global jewellery market as a symbol of elegance and impressive craftsmanship.


FOPE in the 50s



With years of expertise behind them the third generation of the Cazzola family, founder Umberto’s grandson and granddaughter, developed a signature style for the brand and designed and launched their first fine jewellery collection.

The skills of the expert goldsmiths, combined with cutting-edge technology led to the creation of the Novecento mesh, FOPE’s first real icon. The first signature collections were launched in the late 1970s and paved the way for the brand’s national and international success. Another massive turning point in their history was the launch of Flex’it. A ground-breaking invention that makes gold stretchable, meaning that their bracelets can easily roll on to the wrist. The original jewellery is made solely of 18ct gold using a patented system of gold springs, which are hidden between the mesh chain links. Elegant, precious and easy to wear the Flex’it designs are wholly unique and all come with matching necklace, earrings and rings.


“Inspiration comes from the city and its architecture, from a scent found in a secret garden or a familiar melody played by a piano.”

FOPE collections take inspiration from the world around and the journey that the jewellery has been on. For example, the stunning Solo Venezia collection was inspired by the beautiful, traditional lace art of the Venetian Island of Burano, whilst Eka means ‘one’ in Sanskrit and explores the concept of adding flexibility to jewellery.

Their pieces are all about creating that distinct Italian style that so many women aspire to achieve. The designs pay homage to the roots of Italian fashion, transforming centuries of style into contemporary pieces. They are all elegant designs that can be worn every day, but they also make an impact for special occasions. There’s a certain charm to the designs. A piece of their golden jewellery transports you to its enchanting home country, allowing FOPE to share Italian fashion with the rest of the world.

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