Fabulous Interior Designer, Yvonne Jones who has over 30 years of experience in interior design, knows all there is to know about making your home and interior spaces as stunning and impressive as possible. Having trained at the Royal College of Art and going on to become the founder of ‘Chameleon Interiors’ based in Pontcanna, Yvonne is the one to go to for all your interior queries. Today, Yvonne shares her advice on how to make the most of the space you have available in your hall and stairways in order to make the entrance to your home as stunning as the inside. Here’s what she had to say:


Halls and stairways are often overlooked, but with clever planning they can be both functional and decorative. When choosing paint colours for a hall, the look here needs to work with all rooms that lead off it, so pick a scheme that will flow easily from one to another. Bear in mind that paler or neutral shades will increase the feeling of space and light.

As it’s a transitional space that you generally only pass through, bolder or more intense colours or busier wallpaper designs can also work well; a rich shade such as warm grey, olive green or petrol blue will bring a cosy feel to a darker hallway and make adjacent rooms appear bright, calm and more spacious.

Halls and stairs are areas that experience more footfall than others, so they need to withstand a lot of wear. Knocks and scrapes are inevitable so consider panelling the walls to dado height and finishing in gloss or oil-based paints.

Sometimes there is little space in halls and stairways, but if you can, placing a small decorative chair or bench gives it the feeling of a room and not just a passageway. A slim console or half-moon table will also make it a welcoming space, providing an area for decorative displays of accessories. The key is not to overlook what is an important area in your home!

All images used in this post are from Yvonne’s clients’ homes. To find out more about Chameleon Interiors and Yvonne’s work, please visit https://www.chameleoninteriors.com/about-us

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