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I remember when I announced I was pregnant, people thought it was an actual prank. I’m probably not going to be the most traditional Mum, but I’m happy to be that offbeat, unconventional Mummy and give you a real insight into parenting, as I stumble my way through motherhood and try to find my own vibe. Enjoy x  

First time mum essentials  

I’m going to be a new first-time mum in February 2020 to a little girl. I’m excited to embrace this new chapter more than anything, but getting prepared is super daunting. I want what is best for my baby, like every Mum, but what I’ve realised the most since I’ve been pregnant is that every opinion, every ‘fact’ contradicts the next. I’m prepared to learn on the job and to remember that nothing is the same for every family. I’m taking advice, but ultimately I’m going to do what is best for me and hope my maternal instincts kick in fast when she arrives. What do I need though? What are the essential items? Moses basket or side sleeper? Is this recommended by the midwife? What brand do I get? These questions are the most overwhelming for me and that’s why I booked myself a 2-hour mum-to-be advice appointment at John Lewis in St David’s. It’s free, it’s no pressure and now writing this after the appointment, I feel it was the start of a great relationship from bump to birth and beyond.  

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A good place to start (even though I could have dropped every cool baby product in my basket) we focused on feeding and sleeping.   

I will try my hardest to breastfeed but I’ve heard it’s the most challenging bit and I’m not going to break my back over it if it doesn’t happen for me. I know plenty of Mums who bottle feed and have the happiest and healthiest of babies. I am determined to give my baby breast milk for the first two weeks for all the lovely natural nutrients from me. My motto will be ‘survive, not thrive, just get through it’ and I figured I would need an assistant to help out on the days when it gets too much and that’s why I’m definitely going to be expressing. My main thing was ease and then a pump that would express comfortably and efficiently! No-fuss needed and why not have the best help during a tough job? I went for the Medela Freestyle flex.   

If it’s not the breastfeeding that causes you stress, it’s settling your little one. A baby rocker is intended for nap time obviouslyand I want my baby to sleep or just be calm, wishful thinking I know. I’ve heard the rocking and swaying movements reminds babies of their time in the womb. Keeping my little girl close and developing a strong bond whilst keeping my hands free is going to be priceless which is why a must-have for me is a baby carrier. Even when doing my chores in the house to have that closeness will be lush. And for that soothing and calming effect for your baby, I feel a rocker is a must as well. The 4Moms MamaRoo rocker is just revolutionary! My Mum friends said this was a lifesaver. It actually replicates a parents natural motions. Bouncing up and down and swaying from side to side, just like parents do when comforting their baby. I was probably sold on the fact you can control it via Bluetooth so you can change the motion, sound, speed and volume from your phone without disturbing baby! Bliss!  

Bedtime (if there is such a thing for a newborn) was next on my agenda. Although the baby will be in my bedroom for the first 6 months, I wasn’t keen on her being next to me by my bed but I did want the option just in case. I think my mum friends have drilled into me that it’s important for the baby to be independent so they aren’t too attached. Without sounding super cold, I’m determined not to make a rod for my back and get the baby in a routine pretty quickly, the fact she will be right next to me in a side sleeper is too tempting to just cuddle her all night. As advised by the John Lewis staff when I was completely confused about what to get, they said the Snuz Pod acts as a co-sleeper/beside crib, a bassinet, and a stand-alone moses basket all in one. The best of both worlds. When I cave in for cuddles, she can be next to me with a zip-down wall for easy access during the night and I have to admit I was slightly bought on the fact that the Snuzpod 3 Luna has a dark/almost black frame and I’ve been a bit obsessed with black furniture for the nursery.   

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And on that note, safety first obviously, comfort and durability next then your colour scheme when picking a sleeping and travel system for your baby. Even though I was hellbent on a black on black car seat, I did find one! The Mercury l-size car seat from Welsh suppliers Ickle bubba which includes a memory foam newborn insert and headrest cushion as well. If she doesn’t settle well in the carrier, rocker or the Snuz, this should do the trick.  

There is something so wild about picturing your actual baby, whatever they will look like, so tiny in a car seat or crib. Even though I’ve given you my list of what I’m getting and I’ve read through every review and safety concern, the greatest one piece of advice I’ve had is that your baby just needs to be loved! Nothing is bad for the baby unless you neglect it and don’t feed it. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? 

Well, here goes… wish me luck!  

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