Rosanna Oretti talks to Style of the City about how easy making a second income can be.

I have been an Ambassador for Tropic for almost 2 years. Initially, I ran this alongside a full-time job but took retirement last year and have been busy raising awareness within Wales about this unique brand. There are over 12,000 Ambassadors across the UK with 2,000 joining alone in January 2019. However, the market is still nowhere near saturated.  

If you are looking at making a second income, Tropic could be the answer for you.  As a Brand Ambassador you will work with a beautiful, ever-expanding range of multi-award winning skincare and cosmetics freshly made with premium natural ingredients.

The founder Susie Ma’s passion for creating skincare recipes which feed the skin stems from her childhood in Cairns, New Queensland, Australia. She believes that plants and fruits that flourish in such challenging tropical climates are amongst the most nutritious and beneficial for our skin. So, at the age of 15 years she started making her own body scrubs in her kitchen at home and selling them on Greenwich market……and thus Tropic® was born!

You will find some of natures’ most hidden treasures within our products. Tropic® strives to be at the forefront of natural product research and uses innovative natural ingredients and the latest green technologies. It is proud to be a UK business and the Beauty Kitchen and Innovation Lab are based in Surrey. Products are made to order every single working day using only quality ingredients that are at their freshest. What could be more appealing than knowing that the product you have just ordered may have only been made in the days before!

It is because Tropic® products contain only naturally derived ingredients, without any synthetic preservatives (or indeed any other harmful chemicals), that the direct mass retail route to market was not deemed suitable. The majority of people are unaware that most of the skincare and cosmetic products they purchase may have been sitting in a warehouse and/or on a retail shelf for many years by virtue of their synthetic preservatives.

In an industry that often overlooks animal welfare and the environment, Tropic® are committed to never testing on animals or to use derivatives that might cause animal distress. Tropic® stands with Cruelty-Free International, The Vegan Society and PETA.

Tropic® is doing its part to look after the planet and this has been central to the ethos of the company since its inception. This permeates through everything – from ensuring that all ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced (and gaining the much-prized Ethical Company Certification) to ensure that the company is certified Carbon Neutral.

Tropic skincare is an example of a Direct Selling company and the sales method is called ‘social selling’. Many people misunderstand this model and believe that it is identical to that of a Multi-Level Marketing/MLM company (also known as pyramid selling or network marketing). However, there are significant differences.

An Ambassador will invest in a ‘Starter Kit’ (currently £198 for over £400 of products) which also includes all the tools they need, including access to a dedicated resource forum and a personal online shop, to make their business successful. This is the only financial outlay. At the very worst, the individual could keep the products for their own use and never go on to sell anything.

There is NO monthly subscription fee to be an Ambassador and NO minimum monthly targets to meet. As an Ambassador you can make as many or as few sales as suits you and your current lifestyle. The starter kit is designed purely to enable the Ambassador to display some of the key products and to enable potential customers to try them before purchasing, if they wish. This provides for a much more personalized buying experience. An Ambassador will have in-depth knowledge about their products and be able to guide their customer and develop a trusting relationship. Orders can be delivered direct to the customer, as and when convenient, by the Ambassador or sent direct from Tropic headquarters, according to preference.

There is no requisite for Ambassadors to purchase products upfront to hold as stock. Instead, any product sales Ambassadors make are freshly made and dispatched to customers after they have paid for their order. In this respect, it is a no-risk business. It does not depend on having a cash flow in place and Ambassadors cannot lose money if they only order products as and when required.

Another important difference from an MLM structured business is that Ambassadors don’t get paid for recruiting other Ambassadors into their team. Instead, they receive a commission on their teams’ sales. There is again, NO pressure to grow a team. Tropic® has one of the most generous commission structures in the industry and are continually re-investing their profits into more marketing tools, more efficient software, events training and incentives to make the Ambassador experience as full a business opportunity as it can be. The ethos is very much about empowering individuals to develop their own business and gain financial independence. This is the second important reason why a social selling model was developed.

Tropic® represents a healthy business opportunity. It has made profit from day 1 of trading and in those 5 years has become an industry leader. It has achieved over 100 recognized beauty awards and has been ranked in the top 100 UK businesses for the last 3 years running (FastTrack100). It IS the UK’s fastest growing skin care brand.

I have met many other fellow Ambassadors during the last 2 years. Mostly they are women, but we do also have some men! What I have come to realize is that there is certainly no ‘typical’ Ambassador. Individuals come from all walks of life including doctors, teachers, housewives, social workers- the list goes on. Like me, not all these individuals imagined that they would be selling skincare in the future. For others already in the beauty industry, Tropic® has become a welcome addition.

I did not come from a business background, like so many other Ambassadors, but that does not need to be a disadvantage. The company structure actively strives to provide you with all the business materials, training and support you need to achieve whatever level of success you want. So, for some this could be a second stream of income to allow for extra household treats and for others it could be a route to becoming self-employed and earning a significant salary.

It is fascinating to hear the breadth of Ambassador stories. However, a common theme is undoubtedly a love of the product and a real passion and desire to introduce greener, cleaner beauty to others. For me, it’s also been the genuine integrity and ethos of the company which has bowled me over and for which I am confident it will continue to do so, year on year. Every Ambassador will tell you that they love what they are doing, that they have grown hugely in self-confidence, knowledge and skills and ultimately in financial security.

You can join this amazing company and become a brand Ambassador yourself by contacting me direct:; 07763592181; TropicbyRosie.
I would love to meet with you for an informal conversation and to answer all your questions.


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