Tim Walker is a unique British photographer, whose extravagant staging characterise his unmistakable style. Born in 1970, Walker has become one of the world’s most inventive photographer, which are seen through his sets, pictures and even film. After being inspired by his work last year, in a module at university, I just knew I had to see it!

After a lovely day exploring London, I attended the Tim Walker: Wonderful Things experience at the Victoria and Albert Museum last week, which included ten new series of photographs inspired by the V&A’s collections. You definitely couldn’t miss the entrance to the gallery with the eye capturing, with colourful lights across it. The first room was all white with a range of photographs about the garden and how he would arrange scenes as a boy and photograph them.

Each room told a different story, and the sets were extraordinary. I especially loved Cloud Nine, which focused around the V&A’s historical South Asia paintings and Walker’s love for India.

Box of Delight

My favourite room had to be Box of Delight, everything was pink, including a small old fashioned tv, tiny sofa and banister. The gorgeous pastel pink flooded the room from the soft carpet to the floral wallpaper! It included a fascinating mantua court dress which helped show the change in fashion over 500 years, and how the world has reshaped silhouettes.

Pastel Cats Eglingham Hall, Northumberland, 2000

The final part of the experience included two huge books with quotes and pictures from Tim Walker. I loved this because it helped bring every story told together with a quote

“There really are so many wonderful things”.

I highly recommend going to visit Tim Walkers ‘Wonderful Things’ which will be in the V&A, London until 8th March 2020. It is an unmissable celebration of work that has to be seen!

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