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When it comes to finding ways to entertain yourself, sometimes we are short on options. With trips to the cinema and fancy meals off the cards for now, we’re left with a selection of indoor pursuits to pass the time.

Luckily, one thing we can still do is shop online – and boy, have we been taking advantage! With plenty of extra hours on our hands, we’ve been eyeing up lots of fun options to make our time indoors pass much more enjoyably.

If you fancy a spending spree of your own but are stuck for inspiration, here are 10 things we adore but didn’t necessarily know you can purchase over the internet, courtesy of our expert buyers.

1: Loungewear

If there’s one thing you’re likely to be doing a lot of right now, it’s lazing around at home, so make sure you’re doing it in style! With all of our favourite online retailers still open for business, it’s time to have a browse and add some gorgeous new options to your wardrobe. Baby pink and powder blue are particularly popular right now while soft, cosy fabrics are a must.

2: Your favourite food

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A meal for two in front of the telly? Just because you’re spending time indoors, it’s no excuse to let your eating habits slide. Instead, head online and place an order with your favourite retailers, whether it’s a prime cut from your local butcher or a fancy dessert courtesy of a high street patisserie. You’ve certainly got plenty of time to cook up a storm in the kitchen or even learn some new recipes!

3: Books

Looking for fun ways to pass the time so you’re not glued to your phone all day? How about ordering a couple of books from your Amazon wish list? You can switch on your reading lamp, cosy up, and enjoy an evening with fascinating characters.

4: Exercise gear

While you might not be able to head across to the gym at the minute, that doesn’t mean you have to stop exercising. There’s plenty you can do at home, from yoga tutorials on YouTube to a run in your local park. And the best incentive to stay in shape? New sportswear to make you feel on top form.

5: Exercise equipment

If you don’t enjoy going for runs but you do want to stay in peak fitness, you could also invest in some exercise equipment to use at home. This could be anything from a yoga ball to resistance bands, weights or even a treadmill, if you feel like splashing the cash.

6: Makeup

Staying at home can quickly send you spiralling into the realms of laying around in your pyjamas all day, until even brushing your hair feels like too much effort. The solution? Splash out on some new makeup. Now is a great time to practise your techniques and learn new tricks and, with a dash of lippy, you’ll soon feel much more like your usual self.

7: At-home manicure sets

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Can’t get down to your local nail tech? Another option is to look for at-home manicure sets from online retailers like Nail Polish Direct. Stocking all of your favourite brands and lots of gorgeous colours, they’ll help to make your talons look perfectly on trend again.

8: Lottery tickets

Admittedly, some of the items on this list are going to prove costly, so if you do decide to splash out, you might want to consider playing the lottery first. Interestingly, you can even buy online lotto tickets to lotteries from around the world, no matter where you live. Often giving you more than one chance to win, such online services combine the potential of playing the lottery with the convenience of online shopping.

9: A TV

Fancy a new flat-screen TV for those long evenings in front of Netflix? Then there are plenty of places where you can pick one up online, both new and secondhand. While you’re at it, you could also spend on a subscription to a second streaming service, as a combined approach is definitely best when it comes to the amount of content you can access.

10: Holidays

Okay, hear us out: yes, now might not be the best time to travel, but the current situation won’t last forever, and once it’s over, what better way to celebrate than with a holiday abroad? While we’d recommend booking ahead, ideally for the 2021 season, a luxurious getaway would definitely give you something to look forward to.

Well, what are you waiting for? Break out your credit card and treat yourself today! You most definitely deserve it.

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