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Cardiff’s Christmas Market is still going ahead this year! A variety of stalls are open until 23rd December, so leaving you with plenty of time to pencil in a shopping spree, I visited on opening day to create a handy guide.

The market is situated right at the heart of Cardiff’s huge shopping area, with stalls located along the Hayes and surrounding areas including Working Street, St John Street, Hills Street and Trinity Street.  Stalls are open from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday, and 10am to 5pm on Sundays.

Kept fresh and exciting throughout the festive period, the market will see some sellers leave before its official close, with others arriving at a later date. It’s definitely worth paying multiple visits, so this list includes upcoming stalls in addition to my favourites so far.


Field Bar Gin

Available: 12th Nov- 23rd Dec


One of my personal favourite stalls, I spent a considerable amount of time here chatting about my love of gin. Look out for these beautiful gin bottles full of festive and novelty flavours for only £10 each! You can sample gins at the stall, and for your loved ones at home, there are taster sets of three smaller bottles, once again for just £10. Also available is the unique idea of gin Christmas crackers.



Available: 12th Nov- 21st Dec

Jormaepourri sells potpourri bags, garlands, cages and more, all with a strong aroma of that warm, citrusy Christmas scent. Pictured above is the potpourri star cage I opted for, which despite costing only £6 has infused an entire double bedroom with a noticeable smell of Christmas. I also enjoy adding Christmas potpourri as an extra touch to the presentation of a gift, keeping Christmas Eve boxes and hampers fresh!


Herbs on the Hill

Available: 12th Nov- 23rd Dec

At Herbs on the Hill, you’ll find soaps, creams, massage oils and incense in a variety of scents. All of it smells amazing and is completely natural; the soaps are gentle enough to use on your face. Stop here to try samples and buy both individual products and full gift sets. For anyone who loves the smell of lavender, this is heaven!


Reflective Images

12th Nov – 23rd Dec

These prints are real Welsh historical photographs, dating from around 1890 to the early 1920s. An old photograph of someone’s home town, their current home or a special place would make for a very thoughtful gift. Plus, given they’re in black and white, they’ll match most home décor.


Ye Green Men

12th Nov- 23rd Dec


At Ye Green Men I found these glass Christmas tree decorations for £6, and no two are exactly alike. In addition to these, they have so much more, including some colourful glass pendants, trinket dishes and other artworks.


Wilde Posies

Available: 13th-21st Dec


Arriving on 13th December, catch this stall just in time to grab a beautiful centrepiece. Their dried flowers last for up to a year and range from neutral to cheerful in colour. They’re natural and biodegradable, making them a great eco-friendly alternative to faux flowers.


Ooh La La Patisserie

Available: 29th Nov- 5th Dec

Opening on 29th November, you can expect to find French macaroons aplenty at Ooh La La Patisserie. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but the reviews on their Facebook page are great, too! I find macaroons work great as stocking fillers or Christmas Day snacks.


Sarah Bunton Chocolates

Available: 29th Nov- 23rd Dec


Artisan chocolate makes the perfect gift for almost anyone, and from 29th November you’ll find Sarah Bunton Chocolates selling plenty of it in plenty of flavours and forms, with some fudge on offer too. They’re award-winning and made in Wales, so why not pick up a treat?

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