The Dermalex® Repair + Restore roadshow commenced last weekend with events on the South Bank, London and in our very own St David’s shopping centre in Cardiff.

Celebrating the launch of Repair + Restore, a brand new ultra hydrating moisturiser for dry and very dry skin, the events aimed to help strengthen people’s skin by showcasing the benefits of the product, which is proven to strengthen the skin barrier, increasing days without eczema by 50%.[i]

The events also showcased results from a recent survey which included how a third of women don’t feel confident about their skin, with 62 per cent never receiving a skin-related compliment.[ii]  One fifth of dry skin and eczema sufferers don’t use an emollient or dedicated dry skin moisturiser to alleviate or prevent symptoms and 25 per cent don’t moisturise daily even though doing so could improve their skin complaints.ii

During the skincare event, passers-by were offered the opportunity to have their skin analysed for hydration, sample the product and enjoy a complimentary hand massage, whilst also receiving some handy, confidence-boosting tips to help them to feel ‘stronger within’.

 Dr. Juber Hafiji, Consultant Dermatologist, member of the British Association of Dermatologists and a representative of the British Skin Foundation, is an expert in all conditions relating to the skin and had this to say about Repair + Restore: “At a time when there are so many products on the market for my patients to choose from, it is nice to see a product that has clinically proven efficacy supported by extensive research.”

 Head of Marketing at Perrigo, Laure de Brauer, said: “It’s been great to see the Dermalex Repair + Restore van touring the UK and engaging with so many people about their skin. Dry skin is a really common problem and we’re pleased to have been able to give so many people the opportunity to try our new ultra hydrating moisturiser, Repair + Restore, for themselves. “

With autumn drawing in and bringing us colder air and wintery weather, it’s so important that you protect your skin by keeping it hydrated and happy. Dermalex new Repair + Restore is currently available to buy at high street beauty stores, such as Boots and Superdrug.

For more information on Dermalex Repair + Restore and the roadshow visit or check out

[i] Vs. reference cream. Akerstrom et al, Acta Derm Venereol, 2015 (n=198)

[ii] survey of 2000 women, July 2018.


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