When the air starts cooling and the days begin to get shorter, you know Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to start writing your Christmas list. How exciting! But when you have a new addition to the family or your friendship group, it can get pretty complicated if it’s been a while since you’ve stumbled into the children’s section.

Over the last few months, preparing for my own baby, I’ve spent so many hours looking at baby brands and their quirky little products.

Whether it’s a first Christmas gift or something unique for your loved little one in your life, find a special present they will adore. Below is a list of hand-picked items I’ve chosen to help in your quest for that brilliant Christmas or baby shower gift. 

£39.99 Photo credit: https://sweetdreamers.co.uk/shop/bedtime-baby-sleep-aids-and-soothers/ewan-deluxe-grey/

A gorgeous sleep aid that makes a lovely present. Ewan the Dream Sheep is essential for a peaceful night’s sleep. Isn’t that what every mother wants. A baby that sleeps. What a gift! It makes soothing womb and heartbeat sounds that help to ease your baby to sleep, or household, nature and musical sounds can be played depending on what suits your baby. It attaches easily to cot or crib bars, a pram, or car seats, making him the perfect mobile companion for overnight stays and family holidays when your little one needs to see a comforting familiar and friendly face! Just look at him!


£19.95 Photo credit: https://www.thelittlegreensheep.co.uk/organic-knitted-cellular-baby-blanket-dove-grey/

The most beautiful baby blankets which are loved and adored for their stunning quality, simple knit design and intricate finish. 100% organic and super soft to cuddle your baby in day and night. A gift that your baby will cherish from their new-born years and beyond.


£10 Photo credit: https://www.babyblooms.co.uk/collections/cracker-gifts/products/babys-personalised-reindeer-cracker-bib

A personalised Christmas baby bib which makes a gorgeous and addition to festive family mealtimes. It is presented in a festive cracker packaging which you can select your colour of choice; red, white, pink or blue. Baby t-shirts are also available.

The SnüzPouch is the new collection of stylish sleeping bags. A practical gift for the newborn in your family from the trusted and popular baby brand Snuz. They have a handy nappy change zip to make changes during the night quick and easy, meaning less disturbance for your baby and a more snug night’s sleep. Gorgeous designs and perfect for Christmas and the go-to baby shower gift.


£15.99 Photo credit: https://1two.co.uk/so-pure-sophie-la-girafe-1321-p.asp

Every mum I know has one of these. By simple word of mouth, this little girafe’s fame has spread hugely with mothers and their teething babies. But although this is a must-have in baby essentials when it comes to soothing your babies new teeth, Sophie is designed to stimulate the senses of your child as well. Sophie’s flexible, renewable, natural materials and non-toxic paint mean she is a safe and natural teething toy for your little one and is truly loved by millions of children (and parents!) around the world!

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