According to Unified Lawyers, in their 2017-2018 survey, the UK sits in seventh place for divorce rates globally with 42% of couples getting a divorce. And a staggering 87% in Luxembourg (With a population of approximately 500,000). Luxembourg is actually one of the smallest countries in Europe and yet the 1stdivorce nation). In light of these latest statistics on the divorce rate, one must realise that finding a soul mate and choosing the person willing to get married and build a life together isn’t for the faint-hearted. Dating can be tricky and long-winded if one is seeking a life partner.

Sami Wunder, a certified dating and relationship coach also known as ‘Get the ring coach’, believes that a woman looking to settle down should not waste her childbearing years with a partner who is not ready to give the commitment she deserves.

Photo Credit: Sami Wunder

Practising what she preaches, Sami was proposed to by her – now husband – Chris, 9 months after they first met. She refused to date him ‘exclusively’ until he affirmed his real intentions to commit and popped the question. She currently lives between the UK and Germany and is now happily married to Chris. They also have a 2-year-old son, named Aaron.

Of course, you must wonder what Sami means by ‘rotational dating’.

It is dating several men in a non-exclusive way and ‘only offer your commitment and more, such as exclusivity to a man who is prepared to offer you the same in return. Not having sex will not scare a man if he is serious.

Photo Credit: Sami Wunder

‘Rotations allow you to not close doors on people who may be great for you. People who get involved too quickly shut out others because they don’t rotate dates. While they’re serial dating, they’re losing out on opportunities to date other great people’ – says April Masini, another relationship expert

How to select the men you will date in rotation?

Sami believes that ‘connection dates are all about meeting different men, to evaluate compatibility and assessing if there is a match in wavelength and frequency with the man in question.

When you rotational date, you don’t settle down with any one man so quickly, unless he’s willing to offer you the level of commitment you want, to feel safe and cherished in your relationship.

Rotational dating is women’s empowerment in love and, when done right, it is the most powerfully effective AND fair way of dating, that propels you much faster towards the love of your life, sans the confusion, drama and heartbreak.

A 6-step multi-prolonged approach to get women in the right mindset and how to get back into the dating scene?

Sami’s simple six-step system to find love has worked for women of all ages. The fundamental message of her coaching work is to embrace feminine energy in relationships:

  1. Energy and Mindset: This module tackles the false beliefs that create negative dating patterns
  2. Self-Love: It deals with the ever-important relationship a woman has with herself. Does she value herself? Does she set boundaries in the dating scene that reflect that value?
  3. Intimacy Fears: Ensuring that women are emotionally ready for a relationship. Sometimes smart and accomplished women do not know how to receive love because they do not feel worthy of it.
  4. Dynamics of Attraction: This step is to enlighten women on how to cultivate feminine energy in a relationship in order to draw in and satisfy a masculine partner.
  5. Rotational Dating: Dating multiple men non-exclusively. It is of course not about sleeping around but getting to know multiple potential husbands. Until one has a solid commitment from one of them, one owes it to oneself to keep their options open.
  6. Understanding Men: This final step emphasises the differences between how men and women view commitment.


Overall, is rotational dating for everyone?

No one will know unless they try: Anyone can choose to make ‘Love’ their priority, learn to also practice self-love and eventually create their own path to happiness, in order to lead and maintain a lasting relationship. To date, Sami Wunder has been responsible for 114 engagements of women she has coached and supported throughout their dating journeys, by offering access to self-study online programmes, masterclasses, retreats and one-to-one sessions to a community of 40,000 women worldwide. Some may feel this method isn’t for everyone, yet no one can argue about this one thing: this ‘Modern diva’ is certainly doing something right!

To find out more about Sami and rotational dating:

And attend her next retreat: ‘The next Wunder experience – Costa Rica Luxury Retreat’ from 21st-26th  Jan 2019 (Please click here)


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