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A Twitter clip illustrating protesters marching and holding protest signs in front of the gates of Buckingham Palace has gone viral.

The video of the protesters has gained over 3 million views and has been re-shared on other social media platforms as well, gaining the attention of the whole internet.

So what was the protest about?

The protest in front of Buckingham Palace was part of ‘Freedom For The Children Global Walk London’ that took place in London on August 22nd. According to a Facebook event, it began at the London Eye at 1.30 pm on Saturday.

Protesters marched to Parliament Street before heading to Buckingham Palace. People at the protest were encouraged to wear white T-shirts to show their support and similar protests took place in other cities across the UK, including Liverpool and Manchester.

Picture credit- @WhispersRedASMR

Explaining more about the purpose of this protest, ‘Freedom For The Children Global Walk London’ shared on Facebook:

The purpose of this walk for change is to bring awareness to the current reality of child exploitation within our own communities and around the world.

Let’s show our devotion and determination toward protecting these children, our communities most vulnerable, by requesting change and reformation within our government and law enforcement agencies to ensure that justice is brought in such a manner that it will significantly reduce instances of child exploitation while promoting awareness in order to end this ongoing issue.”

Reiki healer and YouTuber Emma WhispersRed said that she took part in the movement and claimed that the protest was a “peaceful walk” which had “full police support”.

In a Twitter post, Emma WhispersRed explained:

This [the protest] is from yesterday. I was there. It was a peaceful walk followed by a group meditation starting at the London Eye on to the Palace then to Downing Street. Organised by ‘Freedom For The Children’ FB group for #EndChildTrafficking. We had full police support.”

Picture credit- @WhispersRedASMR

Following the scrutiny the Royal Family has endured for harbouring Prince Andrew, who has been associated with Jeffrey Epstein and been accused by multiple women of groping and committing sexual assault on minors, most infamously the Virginia Giuffre case.

We at Style of the City aim to share the top current affair stories with our readers. It will be interesting to see if the protesters rhetoric will continue on this level and if other media channels will report on their development.

For the latest information and for upcoming protests you can join the Facebook group here.

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