Think you know cruising? Think again. Virgin Voyages, Richard Branson’s newest development in the Virgin brand, is set to turn the cruise industry on its head.

Virgin Voyages’ first ship the Scarlet Lady, designed to reflect a yacht’s sleek luxury, will offer a uniquely elevated and boutique experience for the 18+ traveller. Virgin Voyages is aiming to have one of the cleanest fleets on the sea – single-use plastic has been banned on board, there will be no buffet and they are looking to significantly reduce waste and reinvest in clean technology.

Virgin Voyages have completely thrown out the rule book when it comes to dining on their ships. Firstly, all restaurant food is being included in the voyage fare as Virgin Voyages don’t believe that you should have to pay more for great food. There are several other changes; there’s no buffets, no main dining room, no forced formal wear and no assigned seating. Dining on a Virgin Voyages ship will be all about a made to order philosophy with city like eating. Virgin are offering a total of 20+ food choices on board the Scarlet Lady, ranging from experimental and haute cuisine to healthy quick bite options. Take a look at just a couple of the Scarlet Lady’s cuisine offerings:


Designed by Roman and Williams this restaurant takes its name from the dramatic views of the ship’s wake that it offers. Wake will serve theatrical takes on steak and seafood and is the most glamorous restaurant on the ship, taking its inspiration from The Wolseley, London and The Grill, New York.



This Korean BBQ has been designed by Soft Room and features the loudest servers on the sea. Each meal begins with a complimentary round of soju for the table and throughout the evening diners are encouraged to take part in lively Korean drinking games.


Pink Agave

Pink Agave is an elevated Mexican restaurant designed by Tom Dixon. The immersive void lighting will transport diners to the vibrant streets of Mexico City. Their specialities include authentic Mexican favourites such as tlayudas, memelas and tortas.



Dock is set on the ship’s sun-dappled lounging area on deck 7 and is inspired by a beach club. Throughout the day the restaurant will serve Mediterranean small plates, salads, dips and mezzes.


The Pizza Place

Sometimes all you want is a pizza. The Pizza Place has got this covered, offering a classic menu as well as giving diners the option to design their own.


The Scarlet Lady will set sail from Port Miami for the 2020 season with 2,770 sailors and 1,160 crew taking an unforgettable journey to the Caribbean.
The Scarlet Lady will also be the newest ship to be making select voyages to Havana.

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