Meet Rossana Oretti, a Welsh doctor who up until 8 months ago was prescribing methadone prescriptions.  Here she shares with ‘Style of the city’ why her medical knowledge and passion for good skincare lead her to be an ambassador of growing brand ‘Tropic Skincare’

I remember always wanting to be a doctor, after a very short phase of aspiring to be a ballerina! I couldn’t really articulate ‘why’ at that early age but I liked science and was good at it- seeming to be able to soak up information. My parents were of course super proud- I was to become the first doctor ever in the family. They both came from humble backgrounds, starting their own careers as waitering staff. However, my parents were excellent role models and showed me how hard work and self-belief could lead to success.

I qualified as a medical doctor in 1988 (MB BS) having spent 6 years at medical school in London. During this period I was given the opportunity to undertake an intercalated B Sc. degree – which I did in Pharmacology ( B Sc. (Hons))and obtained a First Class Honours. Throughout medical school, I always worked in the hospitality trade and left university with no debts- not a common achievement ! I worked hard but played hard and loved university life and the thrill of living in the hubbub of London. All this despite my beloved father being diagnosed with renal carcinoma.

I was interested in Psychiatry as a speciality even as a medical student. Indeed, at the time I was in London in the 1980s there was a  ‘HIV epidemic’ in the gay community. I co-authored a paper, as a medical student, on the occurrence of psychosis in HIV positive men – something that was only just being recognised.

So, how is it that 8 months ago I was writing prescriptions for methadone or trying desperately to find a small vein in a patients foot…………… now selling a skincare product! Well this wasn’t in my life plan. However, one thing that life has taught me is to take a great opportunity when it arises.

Why Skincare?

I was introduced to Tropic skincare about 18 months ago by a dear friend. No hard sell just wanting me to experience this fantastic product for myself. I immediately switched over to using this in my own daily skincare routine. Not just using it but really enjoying the routine and loving the results. True to form, I wanted to do my own ‘research’ into this company and its products. I found out so much that impressed me and I realised that I wanted to be part of this business opportunity.  There have to be reasons why this has become the fastest growing UK skincare brand (financial times 2018).

What I love about Tropic:

Tropic Skincare is designed and almost exclusively manufactured in the UK (it will be 100% manufactured here shortly with an upgrade in their facility). This is supporting our own economy and something we can be proud of. The company has been trading for only 5 years; made profit from day 1; and has won over 90 beauty awards to date. Other non UK skincare brands are sitting up and taking notice as Tropic leads the way. Why would I want to buy products that are increasing the wealth of some large corporation outside the UK?

 The company really cares about producing products that are effective and good for you without damaging our precious environment. I have learnt so much about the cosmetic industry and how the ingredients used do not come under the same scrutiny as either foods or medicines- despite the fact that we absorb (of course this is the point!) many of the products we put on our skin. Many of the commonly used chemicals can be associated with hormonal disruption; autoimmune diseases and even malignancy. These products are then ultimately washed out into our environment causing pollution. A really good example of this is oxybenzone in sun creams that is proven to cause harm to our coral reefs. The products are safe for all the family to use and especially those with sensitive or problematic skin

 The company has been certified as carbon neutral this year and is striving towards being carbon negative. Great care is taken in ensuring whenever possible that the packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable and work continues to improve this all the time.


 The company uses innovative sustainable active botanical ingredients from some of the furthest reaches of the Tropics. The products are freshly made in the Surrey beauty kitchens to order. As a result, they are not packed full of any harmful preservatives or other known chemicals. By sourcing such  products the company supports local communities in places such as Madagascar (where rarabe butter is sourced)

 The products are not tested on animals nor trade in any country that does require animal testing (unlike some of the other big beauty brands- look at the website). They are certified cruelty free and also vegan approved- they contain no animal products or derivatives.

 Every product has the full ingredients listed in full English. There is complete transparency in what goes into every product.

I am so enjoying bringing Tropic to the attention of the people of Wales! We all know that how we feel about our appearance is important. Not only to our own self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing  but in how others also perceive us. Like it or not, first impressions happen and can be hard to over-turn once established. So who doesn’t want to look their best at all times with a glowing youthful complexion!  We all want to use products that are effective and value for money. Enter…Tropic !

I am 55 years old and have never felt more confident about my complexion.

Ultimately, I have worked hard over the years and thus my integrity as a doctor is precious to me. I would not associate myself with any product that I did not have complete faith in.



To find out more about Tropic Skincare and how you can be an ambassador, log onto:  Or contact Rossana directly on: 07763592181





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