Arguments about DIY projects around the home could be the cause of almost 1,300 yearly divorces in the UK, according to recent survey results.

Commissioned by Arthouse, the findings from the study of 2,000 adults showed that although divorce was the worst-case scenario, more than 72% of couples surveyed claimed to have had some sort of fall out caused by DIY projects.

Of those surveyed 20 said that DIY domestics were the final straw for their relationships and ended up in them filing for divorce, which means such arguments could equate to 1,300 of the 107,599 divorces which take place in the UK each year.

Almost 40% of respondents took to not speaking, or even swearing at each other, with more than 40 people surveyed ending on up the couch.

The aftermath of home improvements such as left-over paint cans, wallpaper paste spillages and damaged items were the main catalyst for these conflicts, with one in seven citing leaving a mess as the number one cause of DIY arguments.

Other causes of conflict include having a partner change their mind on the colour/pattern mid-project (13.1%), leaving a project unfinished (9.5%), taking too long to complete a project (8.5%) and fitting wallpaper wonky (7.6%).

Arthouse, one of the UK’s leading interior design experts, has launched its first self-adhesive wallpaper, ArtiStick, to help alleviate some of the pain points associated with decorating and reduce arguments in the process.

ArtiStick halves the time taken to apply traditional wallpaper, removes the need to use messy paste and is easy to take down and reposition, should partners change their mind mid-way through a project.

Paul Mullan, CEO at Arthouse, said: “Undertaking a DIY project can be a stressful time for all involved and its no surprise to us that such projects have led to DIY domestics and event divorce in some extreme cases.

“At Arthouse we want to make the DIY experience as enjoyable as possible for people and are constantly innovating our existing products and developing new products to ensure everyone, not just the pros can design exciting spaces to live in.

“Following months of product development and testing we’ve developed the perfect solution, to make wallpapering quick, easy and fuss free for everyone. All they have to do is peel, stick and enjoy their finished design – the only thing we can’t help with is the tidying up afterwards!”

The study also found that more than 30% of adults do not know how to carry out basic DIY skills such as applying wallpaper, with more than half of couples not trusting in their significant other’s capabilities.

Arthouse offers a range of online DIY guides which are free for anyone to access and cover everything needed for a argument-free project.

Paul added: “With so many people unsure on how to carry out basic DIY tasks, skills training can also be a great way to avoid arguments.

“Before going into a project, decide whether the level of work matches your skills level, and do some practice or training accordingly.

“There are now lots of products on the market that make DIY easier, such as ArtStick, so do your research beforehand and find the best products which fit your needs and skills.”

ArtStick is available online and in-store at Homebase, JD Williams, Wilko, Amazon & independent retailers with Very, The Range, Studio & Wickes to stock in the coming months.

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