Hot For The Shot Media is a Cardiff based video production company which aims to support local businesses through video and digital content. Recently, the company had started to offer a new and exciting marketing strategy, 360° virtual tours. This new way of marketing is perfect for these uncertain times ahead; especially, to help maintain social distancing at its finest.

What is a 360° virtual tour?

A 360° virtual tour is a digital marketing tool, which illustrates a sequence of panoramic images that are ‘stitched’ together to create a virtual experience of any location.  Once created, the viewer is able to experience the location as if they are physically there through their desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones.

Companies that would benefit from this digital marketing tool include real-estate, hotels, resorts, casinos, educational buildings, tourism destinations, restaurants, clubs, and more. For example:


360° virtual tours allow potential customers to view the interiors of properties and their surroundings, which helps and encourage viewing bookings. The government guidelines stress that, in the first instance, property viewings should continue virtually.

Cafés or restaurants

If you are a café or restaurant considering how to move forward in your industry despite our new found pandemic situation? We can help by creating 360° virtual tours so that possible customers can view your property and get a feel for it before booking. We can support you to show your business off to its full potential.

The impact of the pandemic has changed the way we all work and live. 360° virtual tours have come into their own, as a way of giving your customers and clients a way to social distance, but still interact with you and your services.

Why use virtual tours instead of standard flat images?

  • They provide detailed visual information to your potential customers beyond mere text and one or two still photos.
  • It opens your location or services to the online public in a detailed and fast-loading virtual reality environment, allowing you to showcase key features of your location or service.
  • People enjoy taking virtual tours; it gives them the confidence to make a decision online or by telephone.
  • Virtual tours can be a persuasive decision between you and your competitors.
  • 360° virtual tours are interactive; viewers can select which images they would like to view and navigate as they choose.

SPECIAL OFFER: £80 for a basic virtual tour. Limited offer for September!

Ruslan Pilyarov, CEO of Hot For The Shot Media

I created this company because I felt there weren’t many digital companies in Wales that could help small local businesses. Usually, production companies work for bigger clients and smaller businesses would have to make content themselves, due to the pricing of production companies being extortionate. So, my aim was to create a company that could help support local businesses with affordable digital marketing.”

How it works:

  1. Booking – get in touch and book your 360 virtual tour.
  2. Scanning – members of our team will visit your property according to the booking.
  3. Stitching – we will proceed stitching of 360 photos into a virtual tour using our software.
  4. Delivery – you will receive a link for your tour which you can add to your website or share on your social platforms.

For more information, visit or email

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