Following a series of tabloid accusations and drama, Meghan Markle’s father will not be walking his daughter down the aisle, but not due to the recent headlines.

Unfortunately, he is due to have a heart operation on Wednesday, meaning he will be forced to miss the historic event, and will undoubtedly watch his daughter’s big day through a screen.

After reports of strain on his heart last week, it is believed he is to undergo surgery today, leaving him unable to celebrate with the Royal Family.

Will William walk his sister-in-law down the aisle on Saturday?
Picture taken from Kensington Royal Instagram

It comes after Mr Markle previously told TMZ he was resolute in making his daughter’s big day claiming: “I’d like to be a part of history.”

The retired lighting director’s presence at the service at Windsor Castle has been discussed broadly following accusations that he set-up staged paparazzi pictures.

The day after a Sunday newspaper reported on this, Mr Markle sadly stepped down from the ceremony, with reports claiming that Meghan was concerned for her father’s wellbeing.

I can surely sympathize with Meghan and Harry’s plight, after my own nuptials had taken place last month.

Things are less than rosy with my husband’s family and the anxiety regarding who might turn-up or who would even get-along was a driver in our decision to “elope” to Las Vegas.

Being snubbed by certain family members close to my husband without even a text or congratulations without a doubt hurt my feelings immensely and was left wondering quite naively “why can’t we all just get along”?

Unfortunately, a love story this grand is forced to play out in front of millions. While the demands of the British monarchy might mean a historical wedding, it’s place in the public eye has resulted in quite a public spectacle this week as family drama grabbed headlines and dominated social media.

Weddings, they’re not always about confetti and cake.

Many of us can sympathise with the developments of the Royal Wedding, imagining the pressure put on family members during this monumental, but surely anxiety ridden time. The future duchess is a real person, after all.

Wedding party of 2..
A Vegas elopement to save us from family stress.

Weddings are supposed to be loving and inspiring ceremonies, a celebration of love and commitment and most weddings certainly live up to that description.

The days before a wedding is not the time to address issues, and family and friends need to work hard to make sure they have any private resentments in-check that may perhaps set-off a disagreement on the day.

The sorts of enduring problems that often cause divides ought to be discussed in an impartial environment– not one where so much time, energy, and care have been invested. You only get one day, after all.


*Featured image: Kensington Palace/Alexi Lubomirski/PA


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