Pop Artist, Olga Lomaka, unveils her giant ice cream sculpture to kick off Russian Film Week on 25th November at The Exhibitionist Hotel. An accompanying exhibition: “Posters Across Borders” has been organised by Filip Perkon, the Founding Director of Russian Film Week, with the preview party held on Thursday 28th November at 7:30pm will host a number of film stars of the industry. (NB preview event is by invitation only).


Moscream is a tongue-in-cheek installation that combines the visual imagery of the iconic Russian dome of St Basil Cathedral in Moscow, with Russia’s favourite ice cream, through the language of Pop Art. The 2.5 metre ice cream will be installed above the hotel’s entrance, a stone’s throw away from the V&A, and available for the public to see.


“The scale and kitsch design are a reflection on the mass consumption of our era, whilst the ‘ice cream dome’ acknowledges the symbolism and traditional values of Russian culture and its need to be preserved.” – said Olga Lomaka, chosen artist by Grayson Perry for the 250th year anniversary of RA Summer Exhibition.


Moscream was originally commissioned by the Museum of Moscow to ‘celebrate the city’s spirit and culture’, for the 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia. Since then the sculpture has delighted viewers at this year’s Venice Biennale and is on its way to make its debut in London, to celebrate the 4th annual Russian Film Week Festival, and its accompanying exhibition ‘Posters across Borders’. Lomaka’s work will also feature at the glamorous and star-studded Golden Unicorn Awards ceremony, in aid of supermodel Natalia Vodianova’s charity the Naked Heart Foundation. The specially created and fully donated art piece, is based on the Pink Panther comics and the 1991 classic film The Terminator 2 – Judgement Day, where a melting chrome cyborg T-1000 is played by Robert Patrick opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Artist Olga Lomaka giving final adjustments to her sculpture


Lomaka’s new series of work in chrome is titled ‘Through Space and Time’, and features a melting chrome collection which disappears into walls. It will be revealed for the first time at Miami Basel in December 2019.


Vestalia Chilton, the Exhibitionist Hotel resident curator comments: “Olga continues to explore a multi-layered interface of meaning from the artistic to mass media, to the unexplained and less obvious – a sense of reality verses illusion, what is real and what is not.”


The exhibition ‘Posters without Borders’, is a rare collection of original British Film Posters of Russian Films, produced and distributed in the UK, from the private collection of Filip Perkon. The show looks at the creative impact and contribution of Russian films on global cinema, and their role in building cross-cultural dialogue and understanding during times of political tension. Some of the best Russian films have been released in the UK, and Russian filmmakers have directly influenced global cinema with the Stanislavsky method, and talents like Eistentein, Tarskovsky and Zvyagintsev.


“We have been working with the Exhibitionist Hotel for the last three years and are honoured and delighted to see this art piece dedicated to the Russian Film Week” said Filip Perkon, Founder and General Producer of the Russian Film Week.


Russian Film Week was founded by Filip Perkon and volunteers in 2016 as a non-profit festival. It has since acquired the support of the BFI, the British Council and the Russian Ministry of Culture, to promote Russian Film to international audiences, stimulate European-Russian film collaboration and encourage cultural links between the UK and Russia. Film screenings and a programme of events including talks and workshops can be viewed here www.russianfilmweek.org. The festival will conclude with the prestigious Golden Unicorn Awards Ceremony on 30th November, which recognises this year’s talent with 12 nominations, and will also support a chosen charity The Naked Heart Foundation. Olga Lomaka has donated the ‘Pink Desire, Chrome Pink’ art piece from her new series of work in chrome, titled ‘Through Space and Time’ for the fundraising auction.

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