Jilly Cruttenden and Debbie Sullivan are the founders and directors of Posh Mops. They started the business in April 2018. It was born out of love and belief that human beings thrive and function much better in clean, comfortable organised surroundings and that this optimises personal health and mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Jilly is a trained Beauty Therapist and Debbie is a Medical Secretary; therefore, both professions know the paramount importance of cleanliness, hygiene and maintaining it to the highest standards possible. Nevermore so now than in a Global Pandemic.  

The ethos behind Posh Mops 

In the 21st century, so many people are living such busy, stressful lives and after working long hours they are too tired to keep on top of domestic cleaning and also in such a competitive business environment Posh Mops commercial clients are relying on that ‘Extra Sparkle’ that makes them stand out from the crowd.  

We wanted our company to also stand out from the crowd and pride themselves on being unique, so we decided to offer extra bespoke services. These services add that special finishing touch to the stylish beautiful homes that we service. 

We charge an hourly rate for our services which allows flexibility for their clients. As a team we offer a range of services from pre-party cleans to post-party cleans, deep cleans, builders cleans, end of tenancy cleans and so on. The Queens are extremely versatile, we have boxed up items for clients moving house, stripped/removed old wallpaper and one of our special unique services is ‘The Wardrobe Detox’. We can offer any kind of help in a domestic situation that could be required. 

As the business grew we were also getting amazing feedback on our social media and marketing. We always wanted to make it fun, friendly, relaxed and quirky to showcase how much fun we have in our job even though cleaning is very hard and physically demanding work but we wanted to show a relatable side and show everyone how much personal satisfaction we get from helping people keep their homes clean and tidy. 

When choosing our brand and logo we wanted something to elevate the idea of cleaning as a basic service to one that could be valued as a high profession. Calling our team of girls ‘Queens’ happened organically following the design of our crown logo. It makes them feel special and is a symbol that they are recognised for being on the top of their game/profession. It takes knowledge, skill, discipline and teamwork to clean to the highest standard (and also maybe a bit of obsession in the mix as far as perfectionism is concerned). 

We maintain high standards professionally, we are trusted with access to our client’s homes and we always wanted to be approachable enough to become almost extended family members while at the same time being respectful at all times. We are grateful and appreciative for the trust and confidence they give us but we are relaxed and friendly enough to have some fun and banter with our clients. We portray that fun side of ourselves in our socials.  

In our experience, we find that traditional cleaning tips/hacks are the best cleaning methods. If they were good enough for our grandmothers then they are good enough for us. The old ways are the best.  

Top cleaning tips  

  1. Pure old fashioned elbow grease, if you’re not prepared to put the effort in and scrub you won’t get the best results. We as a Team are absolute grafters.


  1. Zoflora is life. An extremely versatile product, it’s been killing germs since 1922 and each one smells incredible.


  1. Baking soda eliminates musky smells. We like to pop a pot at the bottom of your wardrobe after a detox. It will keep your clothes smelling fresh for longer.


  1. When completing our ‘wardrobe detox’ for our clients we realised a lot of people launch shoes at the bottom of their wardrobe with no organisation what so ever and we couldn’t have that! After some research, we came across these fantastic clear shoe boxes which you can stack on the top or bottom of your wardrobe and with them being clear you can see which shoes you’re looking for. These can be purchased from Amazon or eBay and are very reasonably priced and our clients love them.


  1. A toothbrush is our secret weapon those little guys can get in every nook and cranny and are so handy for the most intricate jobs.

For more information follow their Instagram page @posh_mops_

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