Lost about what to get your dad for fathers day?

Don’t worry, we got you covered.

These 12 gifts that we have lined up are for men of all ages which includes colourful accessories and other things that are suitable for every dad. Theses modern and popular men’s gifts are cool and funny, something that every dad’ll love and put you in his good books for the whole year (or at least until christmas!)

In no particular order:

Fish Shaped Pocket Knife & Keyring

For those dads who love fishing, whether its with or without you, will love this little gift where their love for fishing can be shown as well as used!

This Rex London keyring pocketknife is £3.95 and can be found here

Alien Mug

Let me guess, your dad is as weird as you are maybe even weirder? Well, what better way to say it than in a good sized mug from a local Cardiff designer. This mug is funky with a tattoo style and is ideal for those dads who love aliens, ufos or sci-fi.

You can get this Red Vessel Designs mug for £8.00 from here

Travel Shaving Kit

So, your dad is more into grooming than sci-fi or fishing? Don’t panic because this modern man travel shaving kit is perfect for a easy gift as if comes with its own presentation box. The set comes with shaving soap, an aftershave brush and aftershave balm.

This Rex London shaving Kit can be bought for £15.95 from here

A Framed Record

Is your dad into music? Maybe the best present includes his favourite song, possibly even one you both love as a record framed just for him. At The Old Record Shop they will find and frame your the song of your choice along with a personal message printed out beneath.

This amazing gift starts from £73 including delivery and can be bought here

Liquor (Craft beers, shorts, etc.)

So, the perfect gift for your dad is and always will be some form of alcohol, but you don’t want to look like you’ve just popped to your local supermarket and picked up the first liquor you saw? Well, don’t waste your time in the supermarket when you can buy the best quality alcohol the Welsh have to give. This store is both online and can be found in Cardiff City Centre if you want to look for yourself.

The liquors from here start at £1.55 up to £80 and some even have mini gift sets! You can look at the shop here

A Stadium Tour (Football game)

Does your dad love football? Then maybe the ideal gift for him would be a stadium tour and maybe seats in a football game to see his favourite team with his (soon-to-be) favourite child.

You can get these great bonding experiences for under £50 depending on the team from here.

Personalised BBQ Tool Set

You want something that your dad can cherish? What about this personalised set where you can engrave the tools with your very own message with up to 40 letters to make it the perfect gift!

Having all 4 of these tools personalised will cost £64.95 and can be bought here.

The Father’s Day Chocolate Gift Box Sleekster

Thinking about fattening your day up this fathers day? Well look no further than these amazing chocolates that have 27 of Hotel Chocolat’s most iconic recipes! The box includes a mix of milk, dark and white chocolates making it the the Father’s Day chocolate box to end all chocolate boxes.

You can get this ultimate chocolate box for £22.95 from here.

Polaroid Camera

Is your dad really into taking pictures? Maybe this polaroid camera would be the best gift that satisfies both your needs, his of taking photos and yours of not having to explain how to on that new phone he’s got.

You can get this camera for £149.99 online here.

Personalised Puzzle

If your dad loves puzzles why not get him a personalised one of you and him or him and the family to really get his ming going whilst looking at one of his favourite memories that was caught on camera.

The price of the personalised 500 piece puzzle is £24.99 and can be bought here.


Now, you can never go wrong with aftershave, that is unless you buy one he hates, so let’s make sure you know which one your dad likes before actually buying it!

You can get a bottle of Sauvage by Dior for £55 by clicking here if not then click here for a link directly to the perfume shop.

Mystery Gift Box

So you scrolled through all of our ideas and still found nothing that really screamed to you  ‘Thats perfect for my dad’ or maybe thought ‘He already has all these’ (Really though??)

But if so, what about this cool mystery box where each box contains at least 1 ‘Dad-themed’ item, at least 1 gadget (because what dad doesn’t loves a gadget?), as well as a whole range of other fantastic gifts! All you have to do is choose the price you want to pay and get your Dad a present he’ll love in one easy click!

Mystery Boxes start from £25 and go up to £150! Purchase one here.


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