Shopping for the men in your life can be difficult, but have no fear we’ve put together a list of amazing gifts to suit any kind of guy on your list, keep reading to find out what’s on our ultimate gift guide for him.

Food and Drink

Whiskey wedge (£17.99)

The perfect gift for whiskey lovers. This ingeniously designed whisky tumbler with integral ice shelf will keep drinks cold from start to finish without diluting. The frozen wedge has a smaller surface area than traditional ice cubes so it doesn’t melt as quickly.
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Craft a brew beer making kit (£26.99)

These days it’s all about craft beer and microbreweries, these kits allow you to bring the DIY craft beer world to your kitchen, garage or garden shed.
The kit contains everything you need to create a gallon of craft beer and is available in 4 different flavour options, plus there’s the option to buy ingredient refills.
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Anysharp Twist(£14.99)

The perfect gadget for the man who loves to cook. The Anysharp Twist sharpens any knife with diamond precision and total hands-free safety. The tool allows you to sharpen knives including hardened knives, serrated knives, bread knives and hunting knives. Attaching to any flat surface using Power Grip suction the tool makes sharpening knives much safer.
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Cafflano Kompact Hot & Cold Coffee Brewer (£59.99)

The coffee lover in your life would love to receive a gift which allowed them to brew coffee anywhere. The Cafflano Kompact is the first portable coffee maker that collapses small enough to fit in your pocket. It’s ready to squeeze out a fresh cup of hot or cold coffee wherever you go.
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Orb Retro Console Case (£19.99)

Experience hours of video game nostalgia with this retro phone case. With 99 retro games and a 3” display, this case will keep a gamer entertained whilst he’s out and about.
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Orb Virtual Archer (£31.95)

If you know someone who fancies himself as a medieval dragon slayer or an Olympic archer take a look at the Orb Virtual Archer. The classic bow design with a smartphone holder connected to your phone via the free app and allows you to play up to 15 hours of archery games. Available from:



Walli Smart Wallet (£89.99)

The Walli Smart Wallet is a wallet that is constantly connected to your phone via a free app so that you’ll never lose your wallet or cards again. The wallet will trigger an alert on your phone if it ever gets left behind and gives you a handy map to its location. It can also alert you if you leave your card behind and can be used to find your phone as well. Not only is it practical it is also elegant, made from 100% genuine leather.
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Tom Tom Golfer 2 GPS Watch (£119)

If you want to spoil the golf-obsessed man in your life get him a Tom Tom Golfer 2 GPS watch. The watch is designed to improve your game round after round by showing you the best approach to the green and hazards to avoid. With over 40,000 courses built in, automatic shot detection, post-game analysis and automatic scorecards this is a must have for any golfer. Available from:

Sonos One (£199)

Any music fan would love to receive the Sonos One.  A mini but mighty smart speaker with touch and voice control. With premium sound, the ability to connect to Amazon Alexa or the Sonos Sound System this speaker would make an amazing gift. Available in black or white to suit any home.
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Tile Style finder (£28)

The Tile Style finder is a great gift for someone forgetful. Simply attach the tile to anything you don’t want to lose and use your smartphone to make the tile beep to find your item. The waterproof and resilient tile even connects to an app which shows you the location of your item on a map and features the Tile community which can help to look for your Tile should it be away from your location.
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Apple Airpods (£159)

Apple Airpods would be a great gift for anyone into tech or music. The airpods automatically turn on and connect to your Apple device when removed from their charging case and automatically play and pause when you take them in and out of your ears. Plus they allow for 5 hours of listening on one charge.
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Johnny’s Chop Shop is a cult barbershop chain born in London and this Christmas they’ve released a range of products created with the Johnny’s team of barber talent.
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Johnny’s Chop Shop Beard ‘N’ Groom (£16)

The Beard ‘N’ Groom collection is designed to feed, groom and love beards. Containing a beard shampoo, oil and comb this set is ideal for any beardy guy in your life.

Johnny’s Chop Shop Barber’s Bestsellers (£18)

Want to know what the barbershops sell the most of? This collection features those products. Containing a hairspray, texturizing salt spray and hair clay this set will mean bad hair days are a thing of the past.

Superdry Men’s Sport Super collective (£40)

Global fashion brand Superdry Sport bring their ultimate post-workout edit. Containing a Body+Hair wash and Sport soak, as well as 3 Body+Face washes and 2 Shampoo+Conditioners. This set will leave any guy smelling amazing after the gym.
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Hype The Edit (£20)

Looking for something cool and young? Take a look at Hype The Edit. The set contains Hype’s beanie and their signature face, body and hair washes. The ideal gift for a younger guy who wants something simple and fresh.
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GQ: How to win at life by Charlie Burton (£14.99)

This book from GQ is based on interviews with the world’s foremost authorities including Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver, Alastair Campbell and Dynamo. The book provides step by step illustrated guides to show you how to win at fashion, sport, food & drink, work, romance, travel and the unexpected.
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The Space Barons by Christian Davenport (£13.76)

This intriguing book looks at the relationship and work of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. With an inside track on the businesses, rivalries and rocketry that are fuelling the new space race The Space Barons is the story of how the billionaires plan to open up the space frontier. A great read for anyone interested in the science and business behind space exploration.
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Outdoor Survival Kit (£18)

A great gift for the outdoorsy man in your life. This kit from the National Trust includes everything you might need when out in the wilderness. Containing a compass, fire starter, 6in1 pen knife, tweezers, 210cm rope, wire saw and 10 safety pins.
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