Sophie Robinson, the creator of Beauty in the Bottle, is an aesthetic nurse and medical practitioner with over 10-years medical experience and over 6-years direct aesthetic experience in running her own business, Beauty in the Bottle Clinic.

Having always been interested in the aesthetic industry, as well as the wider beauty industry, Sophie decided to research the area and undertake several professional courses, which led to the opening of her own business.

Sophie Robinson

Sophie stated “I pride myself on ‘repeat custom’ and how I have grown the business through ‘word of mouth’ recommendations. When you add to that the immense levels of client satisfaction and positive feedback I receive, opening my business has been one of the best decisions of my life!”

At the clinic, dermal filler treatments, such as lip and cheek augmentation, tear-trough and jawline enhancements, as well as anti-wrinkle injection procedures and several skin treatments are available. Due to the fast-paced and growing industry, the founder constantly invests in her professional development, to ensure that she brings the best products and techniques to her clients. Although, nothing is introduced into the practice without deep research, training and careful consideration.

It is common knowledge that anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler treatments provide a great ‘quick-fix’ for clients. These are often the ‘go-to’ for most clinics and practitioners. When carried out correctly these treatments can give fantastic results by replacing lost volume, to enhance facial contour, provide a straighter looking nose or a dream pout. However,  what is often overlooked by many, is assessing an individual’s basic skin treatment and regime, which can often be vastly improved to enhance the skin from within.

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The brands’ ethos and core clinic value is that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and the foundation of any treatment should be  to visibly improve skin at a cellular level to correct, maintain and promote healthy cellular activity. This will help the skin to retain elasticity and hydration; therefore, overall resilience to ageing and facial movements. When the treatment is done correctly and with the right products, it can reduce clients dependency on injectable treatments!

Sophie’s passion and success in providing successful skin transformations has led her to become an ambassador for the medical-grade skincare brand Obagi. The Obagi skincare range prescription-strength ingredients, so they can only be accessed through prescription, based on a face to face consultation. Obagi products are the cornerstone of both the client’s skin care regimes and the ethos of the clinic. Sophie has helped several clients completely eradicate concerns such as acne, pigmentation, rosacea, and even fine lines and wrinkles.

The Beauty in the Bottle Clinic recognises how an improvement in skin quality brings “skin confidence” and can have such a positive impact on a person’s wellbeing, general confidence and mental health. The clinic has had numerous clients over the years who felt they had tried everything and had seen no improvement; yet, when clients have been prescribed their regime of Obagi products, they saw phenomenal results. Therefore, Sophie confirms that “this is why I am such a firm believer in this brand.”

“I am always looking to bring the latest technologies and treatments to the clinic for my customers. Following some research and enhanced training courses in London, I’ve recently brought two new additional treatments both of which I am extremely  excited about.”

The first treatment is AquaGold, a ‘Gold Tip Facial’ micro-needling device which administers a personalised cocktail of treatments through 24-carat gold micro-channels. This treatment can be used to help with reduce fine lines, reduce pore appearance and to inhibit sebum production if necessary. The cocktail which is administered is prescribed to individuals need or preference but is commonly made up of Hyaluronic Acid, Botulinum Toxin (Botox) and additional antioxidants. This treatment can provide immediate results and is perfect for a “red carpet event” to give an instant glow.

The second treatment, which is the most popular, is Profhilo; otherwise known as ‘the injectable moisturiser’. Profhilo’s key ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid which is injected just below the skin in multiple areas, stimulating collagen to help prevent wrinkles while providing fresher, plumper skin. This is a great preventive measure and something that Sophie will hope to be popular at the clinic!

Another core value of the clinic is individuality. Each client is assessed and advised on what will bring them the best results based on individual needs. The clinic does not believe that everyone should try to emulate someone else. The aim is to make the clients look like the best version of themselves, and not like someone else.

Sophie looks forward to welcoming new clients to Beauty in the Bottle Clinic.

For more information contact Sophie on 07715471349, email or follow her on Instagram @beautyinthebottleclinic

Location: Beauty in the Bottle Clinic, 430 Cowbridge Rd E, Cardiff CF5 1JN

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