Let’s be honest, if you live in the UK you need an umbrella for most of the year – that means we see those umbrellas a lot. So why not ditch that boring black one you chuck in the bottom of your bag and get one that makes you happy, fits in with your life and compliments your personal style.  

We bring you the Spring/Summer 2019 collection from Fulton Umbrellas – the people that make the Queen’s favourite umbrellas.

Fulton combines unique designs with exceptional quality to create a range of exquisite umbrellas available in a variety sizes from ‘Tiny’, small enough for your handbag, to the larger iconic ‘Birdcage’ style umbrella that the Queen likes to use.

This season’s collection is inspired by rural lifestyles, wellness, creative freedom and mood altering prints.

If you’re likely to be found taking a stroll through the country, Fulton’s range of rural inspired umbrellas is ideal. The prints are pretty, soft, and natural in a variety of summery colours and light pinks drawn from folk influences.

Birdcage 2 in English Garden £22
Tiny 2 in Pretty Kaftan £22


Fractals—or repeating patterns that recur on finer and finer scales- have been shown to have a calming effect on your mind. Fulton has created a variety of prints with intricate micro-patterns and textual prints. Featuring watercolour and brush strokes combined with psychedelic colours, surrounding yourself with these patterns is the perfect way to calm your mind on the commute home after a stressful day.

Open & Close 2 in Forget me not £24
Bloomsbury 2 in Bloomin Marvellous £27

Want to stand out from the crowd or need something to brighten up a miserable day? Fulton have the umbrellas for you. Their bright, bold prints that feature abstract and animal prints will brighten up any grey day and show off your personality.

Minilite 2 in Animal Heart £19
Birdcage 2 in Colourburst £22

Fulton Umbrellas Spring Summer collection is available in a range of designs and can be found at www.fultonumbrellas.com and other retailers nationwide.

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