Grow Gorgeous doesn’t simply believe in giving the appearance of healthy hair, they want to unlock your hair’s full potential and enable it to grow at optimum speed. All Grow Gorgeous products are built upon innovation and science, with the aim to activate, protect, cleanse and nourish hair, with a unique blend of quality super fuelled ingredients to wake up follicles and make everyday a gorgeous hair day.

Grow Gorgeous has an incredible signature scent which has been described as “a long lasting and notable fragrance with citrus top notes leading into intense woody amber and sandal tones”.

The Grow Gorgeous Rescue and Repair range’s brand new shampoo & conditioner reinforces hair fibres, minimises breakage and increases the strength of your hair to repair stressed tresses from the inside out.

Rescue and Repair Shampoo (£15) and Conditioner (£16)

Unlike other repair products which coat hair fibres to temporarily give the illusion of repaired strands. Grow Gorgeous’ latest innovations were specifically formulated with natural ingredients to strengthen, repair and hydrate your hair from the inside out.
The regime has been proven to protect and strengthen damaged hair and make hair less prone to breakage, thanks to expert formulas and natural but effective ingredients – the shampoo is 80% natural and the conditioner is 89%.

The included ingredients are:

SEA SATINTM – A sea beet extract which helps strengthen hair weakened by chemical processes and heat styling, while making it smoother, softer and shinier, with a silky feel.

KERATRIXTM – A restorative complex based on carob tree extract which helps to reduce further damage by strengthening strands and improving hair fibre resistance and elasticity.

PHYTANTRIOL – Strengthens and repairs heat damaged hair.

CHIA OIL – Protects hair fibers from oxidative damage, while adding shine and gloss.

BAMBOO EXTRACT – A natural source of silica which helps to strengthen hair fibres, in addition to making tresses look and feel glossy and healthy

BLEND OF AMINO ACIDS – Moisturises, strengthens and repairs surface damage.

MURUMURU AND CUPUASSU BUTTERS – Help’s restore the natural elasticity and offer increased moisturisation and conditioning to dry, damaged




Hair Growth Serum Intense (£45)
The Hair Growth Serum Intense is perfect for those who find their locks are thin, fine and feeling defeated.

With high concentrations of the most effective ingredients, this intense Growth Serum has been expertly formulated with an extra 3% concentration of caffeine to really advance the benefits.

There’s also an addition of hair-boosting zinc, a unique glucose compound and glycine, a key amino acid for hair health.  This powerful complex of actives works intensely to provide elevated results. All this works to increase the thickness of each hair strand by 13%.

Scalp Detox (£28)

Over time, the scalp can suffer from product build-up and impurities which will literally suffocate hair at its most important place – the root. This can make hair brittle, leaving it thin, lank and greasy, restrict healthy hair growth and possibly result in hair loss. A scalp detox is the first, crucial step towards shiny, healthy locks.

Not only does the brand new Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox remove build-up with its natural gentle exfoliating Castor Oil Beads and Pomegranate Enzymes, but it also neutralises hair from harsh environments including pollution and UV damage – thanks to its unique Bean Bio-ferment ingredient. Its complex mix of minerals and vitamins also provide natural moisturising qualities for a healthy scalp, giving the perfect conditions for gorgeous hair to thrive.

Intense Thickening Hair and Scalp Mask (£25)

Increase hair thickness and softly nourish the scalp with this unique multi-mask. Especially created to deeply hydrate hair without weighing it down, the new Intense Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask from Grow Gorgeous has been proven, after regular use, to make hair feel fuller and thicker*.
The Amino Acid enriched formula enhances flat and lacklustre locks, feeding every strand to ensure hair is healthy, thick and fuller-looking. Coconut Oil and Hyaluronic Acid intensely moisturise and soothe the scalp, whilst caffeine wakes up the hair and stimulates the roots, keeping it in optimum condition to achieve ultimate hair health.
This mask is the perfect addition to our best-selling Intense Range. Created for those who find their locks becoming thin, fine and feeling defeated, the Intense Range contains a powerful complex of actives that work intensely to visibly increase hair density, thicken strands and increasing volume.

All products are available from Boots.



  1. I love Grow Gorgeous hair care! I use the Full Bodied Volumising Shampoo and Full Bodied Leave In Conditioner and they have really done my hair wonders! My hair feels soft and there’s a real shine to it now which was lost before! Would definitely recommend to others!

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