The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.

I often receive messages from women telling me that they want to change their lives- they want to improve their fitness, build strength, gain muscle or lose weight.

But How do we change our lives? How do we succeed in the goals that we set ourselves?

The answer is found in your daily routine.

  • What are your goals?
  • Does your daily routine help towards achieving these goals?
  • Write your goals down, make a plan, and get to work on these goals little by little every day and watch the magic begin to happen.

My daily routine:

  • I wake up at around 6:30am every morning.
  • I make myself a cup of black coffee.
  • I sit and take time to myself; I remind myself of what I am grateful for and I set my intensions for the day.
  • I take a hot shower and I put on my gymwear.
  • I get my little girl ready and drop her off to school.
  • I put on a good playlist and get ready to workout.
  • 10am every morning is when I workout, I workout online with hundreds of other women every single day.

The beauty of online workouts is that you can workout at anytime, anywhere, at the click of a button, online workouts have literally changed my life.

10am is my favourite time of each day, moving my body, interacting with other women, releasing endorphins, celebrating my good health with fitness, improves my mood, improves my productivity and improves my sleep.


Once my workout is done, I fuel my body with healthy and nutritious food. I have recently found this little gem @social_eats_cardiff which works hand in hand with fitness and nutrition. Social Eats offers oats, protein smoothies, buddha bowls, they cater for all dietry requirements including gluten free options.

The shop also offers Clifton coffee and speciality teas, has a calm and relaxed atmosphere with chatty friendly staff. If you live in the Cardiff area and are looking for a fresh new place to grab breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee or cake, I suggest you get down there, you won’t regret it.

Every day I try to get over 10,000 steps in, I love going out for long walks, it’s one of my favourite things to do.

Other ways I get my steps in are by walking instead of driving when possible, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, even the housework adds to my daily steps.

Throughout my day I constantly check in with my members, as well as our live workouts every day, I am also online and available to assist them with any health and fitness advice that they may need.

Every month I run challenges for my team to keep us all busy and motivated, April I put my members through an ab challenge which focussed on improving core strength and reducing bodyfat. For the month of May we have a build and burn challenge, which I have designed a training programme to build confidence, strength, fitness, and muscle and burn calories.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success in found in your daily routine”


How gorgeous are these custom-made vanilla sugar biscuits are from BÆKD, you can place your order on Instagram via @__baekd__ or through Facebook. They are so unique, and they taste even better than they look.

I am loving this new local sportswear brand @csportswearuk

C-Sportswear is a new brand that started with wanting to get advice, to improve physical and mental well-being through all the challenges presented to us in our lives. It believes that an essential part of our well-being is to be active.


C-sportswear is part of that journey to help you feel confident and comfortable moving forward. It is an innovative sportswear brand designed to inspire you with creative, seamless, comfortable solutions which support your journey and all your activity needs.

If you would like to receive 10% order on your next discount from feel free to use my code LAUREN10 at the checkout.

To start your fitness journey, follow Lauren on Instagram @empoweredwomenfitness and find out more information on her website

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