Style of the City’s Rosie Harris visits the The New Theatre, Cardiff, to watch the ideal family musical by Orbit Amateur Theatrics Company: Shrek.

When I first entered The New Theatre I was amazed by how cosy yet elegant the atmosphere in the foyer was, with twisted staircases and a well looked after small bar area making the area feel safe for those of all ages. The beautiful theatre is a great example of how theatres were built long ago and worth a trip just to see the love that used to be out into a building architecture.


The Orbit Theatre is Wales’ leading amateur theatric company which has been entertaining their audiences for almost 5 decades, and their performance of Shrek doesn’t disappoint with amazing acting and excellent vocals.

Shrek first came onto our screens in 2001 and has had multiple extensions due to its high entertainment value, which is shown throughout the musical but with additions to the story that aren’t limited to songs.

Shrek and Donkey

I was close to the stage, in the left stalls when my daughter and I went to see the performance which was a fantastic family show, we were both comfortable for the few hours in the seats and the space thats allotted with them.

The acting produced by Orbit Theatre was fantastic, with the lead actors playing Shrek and Fiona, Matt Preece and Lizzy Burgess respectively, show amazing vocal skills with their singing being so powerful it filled the auditorium. The girls who were playing young Fiona were outstanding and had great vocal techniques that show they will go far in the future.

The lead cast

The lead actors show the same emotions within the original film script and so much more with a range of new emotions being emitted through songs such as ‘This is how a dream comes true’, ‘I know its today’ and ‘build a wall’ which was taken out of the UK tour of the show but this amateur theatric company really pulls off the show to a professional standard while keeping it fun for all the family.

Mat Hole who played Donkey in the performance really was shockingly funny with his jokes and easy charisma that made him the perfect part for the role. Another mention should go to the role of Lord Farquaad played by Lewis Cook, whose representation of the role was outstanding even with the addition of the change in his voice to match.

Lewis Cook as Lord Farquaad

I also want to mention how much obvious work went on the structure and set used for the show and how impressive it made the overall experience, with the small details being catered to making the bigger picture of the stage have an fabulous backdrop.

Having something as well-known as Shrek taking over Cardiff by an amateur theatric company is something that brings Cardiff to life within a Hollywood context.

We highly recommend a visit to this stunning theatre with our favourite ogres!

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