• Are you bogged down with negative thoughts and emotions?
  • Do you put things off instead of progressing?
  • Is anxiety, panic and fear narrowing life?
  • Are habits hard break?
  • Do you long for confidence to travel?
  • Is stress affecting your health?

If the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ then look no further than Helen Wingstedt’s ‘SuperGal Academy’, a much needed, breath of fresh air in the personal and professional life change arena.


How does it work?


Coaching and Training services are familiar in format and tailored to your specific needs

The difference is in the speed and nature of results achieved, a feat made possible by Helen’s trained mastery of the mystic arts.

Helen has spent a lifetime understanding, developing and fine-tuning her ability to sense, tune into and read the energy of others in order to instigate change.

She can provide critical insight, knowledge and wisdom about life in the past, present and future.

She can disconnect negative events, disempower grief and shift self-perception by reframing experience.

She can permanently reduce internal discomfort to improve wellness and make stress less of an issue.

Helen’s approach enables her to activate positive change in a matter of minutes. It’s a talent that has earned her a reputation for achieving the miraculous when it comes to helping people and animals alike.


What’s available?


SuperGal Academy Courses, Retreats and Workshops can be booked privately or tailored to meet the needs of your business. Clinic sessions are available every Wednesday on a first come first served basis.


For more information about ‘SuperGal Academy’ and a life changing experience log onto:



Or contact Helen on:

0345 450 4481


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