British women now have the opportunity to share the multi-award-winning skincare secret that has been keeping Spanish women smiling and their laughter lines at bay for nearly 30 years. That secret is Sesderma, dubbed the ‘latino lift’ the cult collection has become a staple for Spanish women and now British women as well.

Sesderma was created in 1989 by revered dermatologist Dr Gabriel Serrano. Dr Serrano’s medical expertise has helped him to create innovative formulations that are able to provide effective treatment for a range of dermatological concerns.

Innovation is centric to the Sesderma range and the brand prides itself on combining technical innovation with pioneering dermatologic methods. The result is breakthrough formulas that are clinically proven to work and that ‘listen to your skin’.

One of their big investments was in liposomes which are minute spherical vesicles comprised of one or more lipid bylayers. These liposomes protect active ingredients by preventing oxidation and degradation whilst providing stability of the formulations.
Liposomes allow for a controlled and sustained release of active ingredients that act on the target. The brand was also the first laboratory in Spain to launch creams that contained glycolic acid.

Sesderma has many ranges which place a focus on different active ingredients to target certain skincare concerns. Here are a few of the ranges available:

Azelac RU is designed to target hyperpigmentation to reveal brighter, luminous, more even skin.
The star active ingredient is Tranexamic Acis TRX Booster system. This is used to reduce the appearance of UV induced melasma safely and effectively. The other active ingredients including Azelic Acid, Retinol and Vitamin C combine together in a liposome formula to provide direct action on melanin producing skin cells and clarifies & reduces the intensity of spots and helps prevent the appearance of new ones.

Factor G is designed to improve the condition of the skin giving it youth and vitality.
As well as stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis, Centella asiatica and stem cells within the products provide repairing, regenerative and antioxidant properties which protect the skin from free radicals. The ingredients used within this range of products also have the benefit of being anti-inflammatory which means they are especially suitable for sensitive or reactive skins.

C-Vit is designed to unify the skintone and remove & prevent the appearance of blemishes.
The C-vit collection boasts a powerful anti-oxidising cocktail, formulated with the latest generation of Vitamin C encapsulated liposome. This high tech ingredient offers a high level skin penetration, speed and effectiveness.

Aglicolic is designed to offer deep action anti-ageing for both the face and body.
Glycolic acid is a lightweight molecule that dissolves the top layer of the skin and increases collagen synthesis, this leaves the skin looking younger. The glycolic acid features in Aglicolic is encapsulated in liposomes which means it delivers unprecedented penetration levels.

Hidraderm Hyal is designed to hydrate the skin.
The collection provides a direct source of hyaluronic acid to the skin. Hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in all living organisms, plays a key role in the hydration of the skin thanks to its ability to retain water.

Salises is designed to treat oily acne-prone skin.
The collection contains salicylic acid which effectively exfoliates the surface of the skin. This prevents the retention of sebum, removes impurities and stimulates cell renewal.


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